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Los Azulejos Skelly Anejo Tequila

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Los Azulejos Skelly Anejo Tequila embodies Mexican traditions of "Dia de Los Muertos" a holiday where it’s a truly joyful celebration of life honoring their ancestors. The tequila is contained in the body of Skelly, you just pop off the head and serve from the bottle “neck.”

Los Azulejos Skelly Anejo Tequila is 100% agave. Since its birth, it is destined to become a work of art. It rests patiently for 18 months in premium oak until it achieves perfection.

Nose: Cooked agave, pepper & anise.

Palate: Sweet savory notes that are appropriately balanced with the zesty, peppery vegetal notes of an unaged tequila.

Finish: Smooth finish.

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