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Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

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This delicate bourbon is made from 2 different mashbills and 5 different yeast strains for a flavour which is full-bodied and complex. Made by the Kirin Brewery Company in Kentucky, Four Roses Single Barrel was awarded a gold outstanding medal and won the Best in Category award at the 2015 Spirit of the Americas competition. Its substantial alcohol content of 50% abv gives it a strong heft of flavour, but it is balanced so as to be beautifully smooth with a long, mellow finish.

The flavours of the 35% rye used in this bourbon comes through with a rich, spicy tone, in addition to the sweetness from 60% corn and 5% malted barley. It has notes of honey, brown sugar, and peaches, which are complemented by the dark oak notes which come from its aging for a minimum of eight years in newly charred white oak casks. This is the perfect sipping bourbon, best enjoyed neat or with just a little bit of ice or water to open up its flavours. For established bourbon fans, or for whiskey drinkers looking to get into American spirits, this rich and robust bourbon is sure to delight.

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