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Balvenie 12yr Double Wood Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

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Balvenie Distillery is a distillery of William Grant & Sons in the heart of speyside just a few hundred steps from the famous Glenfiddich Distillery. It was established in 1892 after converting an 18th-century mansion, Balvenie New House into a distillery. They started production with two old stills from Lagavulin Distillery. However until 1971 Balvenie didn't have a distillery bottling, but only supported WGS blended whiskies. Balvenie whiskies has a definite character with balanced sweet and spice profiles. Balvenie 12 DoubleWood is one of those superbly balanced whiskies showcasing the balance between ex-Bourbon casks and Sherry casks in maturation. A sweet start to nose develops into vanilla and citrus from Bourbon cask and turns into dried fruits from the Sherry. Palate is well rounded with a good body, sweet tones and approachable spices. Dried fruits with winter spices creates lovely palate. A must buy for one to observe the craft of maturation and finish in different cask types.

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